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I'm Derthalie, the Founder of Faith On Flex



Faith in every home and every heart.


We empower Christians to: make faith a lifestyle.
Faith On Flex is a Christian Empowerment brand with modern clothing for Christians who are embracing the element of faith in their walk with God. We empower Christians to have the mindset of a faith-filled Believer because we each are the appeal for God’s Kingdom.  
I created this brand because I wanted to help bridge the gap and flip the script. We’ll be going from being filled with fear, hurt, or anxiety to living the empowered life (full of faith) that Christ called us to. No more praising the struggle, instead praise God! God called us to walk in purpose, and fulfill our mission on this Earth. So I wanted to use this as an avenue to help Christians go to a higher level in their faith, because when we beleive God at His Word and move in faith, things start to change! Glad that you’re coming along for the journey.
Each t-shirt has a significant meaning and was born out of empowering Christians to go to different levels in their walk with God. 👏🏾 Faith is more than just a cute saying to put on a shirt, BUT since the shirts are cute too, grab a couple for you and some friends so ya'll can flex your faith. 😍😎



There's no YT channel for Faith On Flex, but I do have my own personal YT channel,
and would love for you to come hang out with me there. 😎
IG: @faithonflex
YT & IG: @derthalie

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